An adventure with trees

Hawkin’s Meadow

Over the past four years I have been working on three different projects that have given me much fulfillment. While I have been active in ecological restoration connected with my local Nature Resource Conservation District and the Vermont Chapter of the Nature Conservancy I have recently taken on new areas of horticulture. In 2005 I started to manage a property to improve it’s ability to support a larger and more diverse collection of game species. Part of this projected involved the removal of invasive plant species and releasing apple trees. At the same time John and I started to expand our permaculture project on our property, mainly focusing on tree crops. This web site is to offer to interested individuals what I have learned along the way. As I have gone about my various projects I’m using organic techniques by not using pesticides or herbicides and always respecting our soil, water and the great diversity of plant and animals species that we share our environment with.

David Fedor-Cunningham